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(... or not.)

Okay, folks. I know you love The Matrix and its sequels. I know they have passed into the annals of pop culture. But I still cringe every time I hear or read the word, "prophesized."

There's a reason your spell check flags it: it's not a word.

The word is "prophesied."
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I hate to admit it--really, really hate to--but 3 Inches of Blood is growing on me. If you can get past their lead singer (and, granted, he’s a BIG stumbling block) they are actually pretty good.

And it tickles me that they have a song called "Axes of Evil".
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Dear women of the world:

I understand why those of you who "hover" in public restrooms do so, and I realize it is as fruitless to try to persuade you to do otherwise as it is to point out that you are frequently the reason the seats of public toilets are disgusting. So I ask that you do a favor for those of us who realize we cannot hover without making an awful mess of things: Please afford us the same courtesy men do and lift the seat. It would be nice if you would put it back down when you were done, too; but really, I'd rather put a clean seat down than have to clean it off.

Thank you,
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Dear Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.:

I admit, I was as disappointed as the rest of the Harry Potter fans when I heard through a coworker earlier this week that the movie release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince had been delayed until next summer. Imagine my confusion when, as I was telling [ profile] strainedbrain just that during the preview yesterday, and the release date was still advertised as November, 2008.

We fans can live with a delayed release--goodness knows!--but it would be nice to get some consistent information.

Yours truly,
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Phat lewtz! Knittin' Chicks at 5 N. Main St. in Mt. Airy, MD, is having a remodeling sale! Everything must go at 20 - 80% off the regular price. The sale runs this week: Tu 12p - 7p, W 12p - 7p, Th 1p - 9p, F 10a - 7p, Sa 10a - 7p, and Su 10a - 5p.
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Dear world:

When we disagree--which, by the way, we can do without fighting--saying, "Women are always right," or, "Yes, dear," or some variation is a crummy way to try and end the discussion. The implication is that I don't actually have a point, and that you're just trying to shut me up by telling me what you think I want to hear. It is condescending bullshit. STOP IT.

-[ profile] liandriel
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If you work for a dealer or wholesaler who orders product from a manufacturer, you get a discount off the manufacturer's list price. Sometimes, when you order a custom item from the manufacturer, instead of quoting you a price, they will quote a percent upcharge on the list price. When this happens, you do not need to ask if the upcharge is to the list price or to your cost. It is the same thing. When you're multiplying a series of numbers, it doesn't matter in what order you do it. I will show you.

Let's say your discount is 50/10/10. That's a 59.5% discount; in other words, you pay 40.5% of the list price. Let's say you're buying something that lists for $753.00, and the custom modifications add 15% to the list price. Let's apply your discount first:


Now, let's apply the upcharge:

$350.70975, which we can round up to $350.71.

But wait! What if the upcharge is to the list price, not your cost?

$350.70975, which we can round up to $350.71.

This has been your business math lesson for the day. Go forth and conquer!
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Girl Scout Cookies are once more on sale, and my rockin' awesome cookie hook-up is pimpin' his daughters' cookies once more. If you would like to purchase some sweet cookie goodness, let me know. If you can't figure out what to delete from that in order to contact me, you don't deserve Girl Scout Cookies.
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Dear World:

When a police officer is sitting in the median, facing the other side of a divided highway, there is no point in slowing to 10 mph below the posted speed limit. I promise.

In related news, via [ profile] dulcevox, DC has some of the worst traffic in the US.

Also, the sky is blue.


Apr. 23rd, 2007 12:27 pm
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I love wearing make-up. I haven't been wearing it much, since last winter (yup, more than a year ago), when I had recurring conjunctivitis -- that was the last time I wore my contacts, too. OMG, that was awful. But I digress. I have just recently started wearing make-up (almost) every day again. I had forgotten how much fun it is. I enjoy being able to look different every day.

I'm not going to go overboard and create a make-up filter or anything like that, but I did want to recommend, for all the other girly-girls out there, that you check out aromaleigh. They make mineral cosmetics, like Bare Escentuals, but at a significantly lower price. And I love it. They have foundation that actually matches my skin tone! Not only do they have eyeshadow colors that have broken me out of my standard shades-of-brown palette, but they have colors that I have been looking for without success for years! (Hello, Bronze and 14K!) They even have eyeshadow colors that are blacklight responsive.

As a bonus, they send you three free samples with each purchase. They're just tiny ziploc baggies with a little eye shadow or lipstick in them, but they actually last a while. It's enough to give you an idea of whether or not you want to buy the new colors. Great stuff.


Sep. 28th, 2005 02:34 pm
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Amazon now has Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot and all but the most recent of its expansion packs, as well as a bunch of other really nifty games.

It's still not as good as Funagain Games.

But CCG Armory still has the best prices on card games. I heart CCG Armory. :D

Also, for Penny Arcade fans, Cheapass Games is running a promotion in which anyone purchasing a Diceland game through them will receive a free Penny Arcade promo die.


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