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Phat lewtz! Knittin' Chicks at 5 N. Main St. in Mt. Airy, MD, is having a remodeling sale! Everything must go at 20 - 80% off the regular price. The sale runs this week: Tu 12p - 7p, W 12p - 7p, Th 1p - 9p, F 10a - 7p, Sa 10a - 7p, and Su 10a - 5p.
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If you were considering coming with us, you probably know by now that the show to which we were planning to go is sold out. The 10:20 show, however, is not. Now, some of us already bought tickets to the 9:50; we can exchange those for the later showing, but we have to take them to the theater to do so. There is the distinct possibility that the later showing may sell out before we can go exchange our tickets tomorrow night. We're hoping for the best.

Either way, we're still going to dinner beforehand, and movie attendance certainly isn't required. Hint, hint. :)
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Okay, folks, here's the deal. We're meeting this coming Friday, Nov. 18th, at the Fairfax Corner California Pizza Kitchen at approximately 8:00 p.m. ([ profile] whmuskrat, is that right? And can we call ahead?) After dinner, we'll mosey on over to the Cinema De Lux for the 9:50 showing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. PLEASE BUY YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE! If you don't and the show sells out, we'll miss you terribly.

RSVP to either [ profile] whmuskrat or me, so we know at least how many to expect at dinner.
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I talked to Dad, and he agreed to watch Mikey on Friday, the 18th, so that [ profile] whmuskrat and I can go see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Time and place are to be determined, but you -- yes, you -- are invited to join us. It is bound to be a good time.


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